Look who didn’t sign off on Parks Department plans

When the City puts together a plan to, say, redesign a park, they put out something called a Bid Document. This is the actual plan and is signed off on by numerous parties within the appropriate agency. In this case it is the City of New York Parks & Recreation Department. This page of the Bid document outlines the number of trees scheduled to be cut down (up to 16! just in the northwest quadrant). There’s something interesting about this Bid Document. You will see the “designer” George Vellonakis signed off, “team leader” signed off, “director” approved it, Chief of Design, and Chief Engineer signed off. Then there is the box for the Forestry Department on a drawing titled “Staging and Tree Protection Plan.” forestrydept.pngThat box is empty. — The Forestry Department oversees the trees. Why didn’t the Forestry Department sign off on the plan to cut down the trees, and what does this mean, if anything, for the City’s plans?

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  1. park fan

     /  March 8, 2008

    those are the old plans, not the ’07 set that actually went to contract.

  1. NYC Parks Department: No record of number of trees felled at Randall’s Island « Washington Square Park

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