Report back from Washington Sq Park Balloon Protest 3/13

Yesterday’s Balloon Protest organized by NYU Theatre students was a big success! It was colorful and upbeat while simultaneously providing a platform for people to express their outrage over the City’s domineering plans for the “renovation” of Washington Square Park. The eight hour event brought attention to the issue to many people strolling by who weren’t aware of what was transpiring behind the fenced off Northwest Quadrant.

While I did not see any balloons in SUPPORT of the City’s plans for the Park, here are some of the sentiments expressed:

“I wish we respected the history and beauty of imperfection a little more.”

“I miss my fountain.”

“This is not WashingTisch Square Park.”

“Since when has Greenwich Village been symmetrical?”

“Stop killing trees.”

“You took our park. I’ll remember this when the revolution comes.”

“Don’t gentrify the park.”

“Mayor Bloom-iani commits arborcide.”

“It’s getting more fascist by the day.”

“I’m tired of walking around the Park instead of through it.”

“The renovation is a waste of energy, money, material and TIME.”

“My tuition money went to this? I want a refund.”

“We liked the Park just fine. Thank you.”

“Did you think about the squirrels?”

“Who’s going to take responsibility when the trees start dying?”

“I have nowhere to perform. Thanks for ruining my career.”

“I didn’t go to NYU for 4 years to graduate at fucking Yankee Stadium.”

“Not all change is good change.”

“While we’re at it why don’t we move the Statue of Liberty and Times Square?”

“Let it be.”

View some photos from the event, here.

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