Corrected story: “Judge extends injunction against Union Square restaurant” corrected their initial story from yesterday (Monday, April 28th) which gave an incorrect version of what happened in court that morning.

The expanded story, “Judge extends injunction against Union Square restaurant” states:

“Last week, a state judge ordered a temporary stop to construction at the park after a community group filed suit against the city in an effort to block the conversion of an old pavilion in the park into a restaurant. Monday, the judge ruled to extend the injunction, while allowing construction on other parts of the park to move forward.”

The “other parts of the park” which will be moving forward include the playground which is the main aspect of the renovation of Union Square Park that the community wanted. Opposition by community groups is directed towards the NYC Parks Department’s “plan” to add a private, expanded restaurant, further privatizing the Park, and the chopping down of 14 mature trees.

The story continues: “The judge did not say when she would rule on the restaurant. But she did issue a temporary restraining order preventing construction workers from cutting down trees or doing any restoration work on a pavilion at the north end of the park.”