In the News… NYU Student goes for home run at graduation at Yankee Stadium — First time in 32 years graduation not held at Washington Sq Pk

Yesterday, for the first time in 32 years, NYU Students NYU Student at Yankee Stadium Graduation May 14, 08graduated somewhere other than Washington Square Park, and one ambitious student, William Lopez, decided to try for a home run at replacement graduation site, Yankee Stadium. He got to third base before he was tackled by a security guard. (Seriously, he got that far. They couldn’t have let him score a home run?)

As the Daily News reported, “NYU held the ceremony at the Stadium because of ongoing construction at Washington Square Park, where previous graduation ceremonies had been held.”

Lopez is on the cover of many of the papers (Daily News, Metro) and was cheered on by fellow NYU graduates for his pants-less act.

For a picture of it, see the cover of Metro in which Patrick Arden also has an alarming cover story, “City gives a pass to Toxic Turf Ballfields: Shrugs off data indicating heat would release gases from rubber base.”

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