N.Y. Dosas Returns Today to Washington Sq Park after Four Month Break

According to New York Magazine, N.Y. Dosas, a “purely vegetarian” food cart serving lunch and a favorite of Washington Square Park-dwellers, returns to the South side of the Park today after a four month break!

New York’s review states: “At the edge of Washington Square Park, an assortment of NYU students, South Asian expats, and downtown hipsters crowd around Thiru Kumar’s food cart waiting for their daily dosa, the vegetarian crêpe from South India. … When the batter is cooked through, Kumar [lifts] the ethereally thin lentil-and-rice-flour wrapper from the grill, then chops it into sections and serves it with a gingery coconut chutney and a small tub of spicy lentil soup. The result: A delicious, ultrahealthy meal-on-the-street that’s well worth the wait.”

You can find N.Y. Dosas at Washington Square South at Sullivan Street.


**Special thank you to Keith for helping whenever I have photo issues.**

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  1. Argh! I went by today and couldn’t find him. Rats! I was looking forward to getting my Dosa fix. Maybe he decided the weather was too bad? Or maybe 11:30 AM is too early for lunch?

  2. cat

     /  May 23, 2008

    Hi Evan!

    Sorry to hear that. I don’t know what time he opens shop. But try again.

    Good luck!


  1. Where is N.Y. Dosas ? Missing at Washington Square Park « Washington Square Park

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