Film Premiere: “SQUARE: Straightening Out Washington Square Park” Sunday, June 1st in Manhattan

Deserted Washington Square Plaza - fountain & Arch“SQUARE: Straightening Out Washington Square Park” is a one hour documentary which focuses on the redesign of Washington Square Park and what’s taken place over the last four years: how the Bloomberg Administration pushed through its agenda to get this famous park in ‘line’ – literally.

The film gets its premiere screening on Sunday, June 1st at the Bowery Poetry Club. In the meantime, you can get a preview of director Matt Davis’s work by watching this 5 minute video clip with up & coming performer, Farbeon, which places the Washington Square Park issue in the midst of an engaging music video. (And there’s some extraordinary footage of NYC Parks Department designer George Vellonakis in action.)

“SQUARE: Straightening Out Washington Square Park” Screening / Film Premiere

It begins with the fountain, that famous theatre-in-the-round, home to political protest, art and musical freewheeling. The new design calls for this structure to “align” with the historic Arch (after over a century unaligned), more “picture perfect” for tourists traveling down Fifth Avenue, and reduction of the voluminous public space that surrounds it transformed into quaint areas with landscaped lawns.

The film shows the government’s bait-and-switch games with the outraged community, whose members watch the City attempt to transform the Washington Square Park that they know and love into one that is pretty and pacified and far from its artistic, bohemian roots.

If you’ve been wondering how it got to this – with much of Washington Square Park behind gates and bulldozed – “SQUARE: Straightening Out Washington Square Park” will bring into sharp focus what’s happened thus far and what’s in store.

This is the premiere screening of this documentary. Directed by Matt Davis.

With Musical Guests: The Fools, A Brief View of The Hudson, Jeff Dickinson

This SUNDAY, JUNE 1st, 7 p.m.


308 Bowery between Houston & Bleecker

F train to 2nd Avenue; 6 train to Bleecker

Four Dollars

Film site:

Event: Union Square: Not for Sale – Rally Thursday, June 5th 5 P.M.


Announcement for June 5th Rally from Save Union Square:

Bloomberg and his cronies have a vision of New York City where parks are for-profit, people are squeezed out of public spaces, and free assembly is made impossible. Their plans to privatize Union Square Park were “approved” through a rigged process that steam-rolled widespread opposition. But the privatizers have over-reached. They tried to sidestep the law and a judge said “Wait a Second!” Now it is OUR time to BLOW THE LID OFF this scam and PUSH BACK THE PRIVATIZERS!

On June 5th, at 5:00 p.m., the Union Square Partnership (the schemers behind the scam) will hold their annual back-slapping, self-congratulation dinner, just a block or two off the park. We will gather at the Northwest corner for a raucous rally and celebration of FREELY ASSEMBLED PEOPLE IN PUBLIC SPACE!

Expect marching bands, a “Heroes of Union Square Walking Tour,” community visioning sessions, and soapbox preaching. Expect surprises and spectacles and a glimpse of what the city CAN be! Come out and meet your neighbors in the square and defend the public’s right to public space!

What you can DO:

*Sign the petition.

*Contact City Council Member Rosie Mendez and tell her NO RESTAURANT: #212/677-1077 email: rosie. mendez -at-

*Contact the Union Square Partnership and tell them NO RESTAURANT #212/460-1200 email: jfalk -at-

*Come to the Rally June 5th, 5:00 p.m., NW Corner of Union Square

*Want to get involved? email: saveunionsquare2008 -at-