Comment du Jour Re: Alignment of Washington Square Park Fountain, courtesy of a Curbed reader

Curbed linked to this site yesterday focusing on the article on whether the Fountain is or is not actually aligned now to the Arch (readers know that the Fountain and Arch inhabited their unaligned positions for over 137 years and that that position is in perfect alignment to the east-west axis of the park itself; therefore centered).

The piece, “Washington Square Park Whoops?,” received a lot of comment, including this:

I predict in another few decades it will be dug up and moved back to its historically correct position.”

It makes one hope that (redesigner) George Vellonakis and (NYC Parks Commissioner) Adrian Benepe are around to witness that.

Part V: Update on NYC’s Redesign of Washington Square Park – The Playground

A brief update on status of upcoming Phase II work on the Playground on North side between the Arch and Washington Square East:

-Surprisingly, no design or designer has been chosen for the playground which will be “enlarged” to 8000 square feet.**

-If completely renovated, the playground will be closed for one year.

-Will there be a temporary playground ? No determination yet.

-Parks Department (surprise!) would like to hear “what you want and what you need.”

-There will be play for older children where the “mounds” are on the Southwest side. (Not sure what that means for the curious “mounds” which I believe will be preserved.)

* * *

**What is the square footage now? It looks like some nice mature trees could be sacrificed with any enlarging of this space.

* * *

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