Lots in Store for September … Teaser: Could the NYC Parks Department be hiding something?

Back Tuesday, 9/2. There’s lots in store for September!

I’ll tell you about the NYC Parks Department and WSP Blog: After initially being impressively eager to clarify some figures for me, the Parks Department Press Office suddenly dropped out of communication — on something that should be relatively easy to unearth (should they want to). Are they hiding something?*

*Savvy readers are asking: just one thing?

The Villager – at last! – Reports on WSP Task Force meeting – and future WSP “plans”

The Villager at last reports on the July 17th Washington Square Park Task Force meeting (while omitting the date of the meeting, I gather, to not to call attention to the late reporting?).

There’s some interesting information in there (although right this minute, the story has the wrong title, something about a “mystery hotel”) and interviews with some of the key players from the Community Board, the Task Force, the Parks Department*, and community members.  (*A Parks Department spokesperson says — contrary to what was stated at the meeting — a conservancy is not ruled out, citing the benefits of working with “community groups.” Right.)

WSP Blog covered this, beginning last month, in a series (in 8 parts): Update on New York City’s Redesign of Washington Square Park. If you missed it, begin here.