Conflux Festival begins Thurs. 9/11 at Center for Architecture in the Village – Come check it out!

Coming Up Next Week: Conflux Festival explores art and technology and how they relate to our public spaces and urban environment. Lots of interesting panels at the Center for Architecture* and also many off-site workshops and parties are scheduled. Conflux takes place from Thursday, September 11th thru Sunday, September 14th.

I am giving a talk of sorts, Washington Square Park: New York City’s Intervention on a Perfect Public Space, on Friday, September 12th at 1:45 p.m. Tickets are required but many other events are free! See info here.

Here’s some more details from Conflux:

Starting September 11th, over one hundred local and international artists will transform New York City streets into a laboratory for exploring the urban environment at the Conflux Festival. Located in Greenwich Village at the Center for Architecture (a.k.a. Conflux HQ), the four-day event includes art installations, street art interventions, interactive performance, walking tours, bicycle and public-transit expeditions, DIY media workshops, lectures, films and music.

Hosted by Christina Ray (founder of New York art space Glowlab) and a team of New York-based curators, the 5th anniversary of the festival will feature projects including the “$1k Giveaway” by the Federation of Students and Nominally Unemployed Artists; botanical walking tours of Manhattan “narrated” by plants; an iPod video and cell-phone-instructed scavenger hunt through the East Village; an expedition to discover the underground rivers and streams of New York; an interactive installation of New York City trash; solar-powered Morse Code workshops; and London-based collective CutUp, returning for a second year to create fresh work throughout the city.

The festival’s keynote speaker is Chris Carlsson, author of the recently-published book: ‘Nowtopia: How pirate programmers, outlaw bicyclists, and vacant-lot gardeners are inventing the future today.’

*Location for Panels and Home Base: Center for Architecture, 536 LaGuardia Place between Bleecker and West 3rd.