The Truth About Washington Square Park (Video)

This 4 minute video gives an overview of New York City’s redesign of Washington Square Park, the lack of transparency and community involvement, what’s in store and what (still) needs to be challenged. It outlines a fact that was never revealed to the Community Board or City Council – the loss of public space to the Fountain Plaza – a reduction of 23%.

It was completed close to two years ago so the information about the lawsuit at the very end is off (the lawsuit ultimately failed to stop New York City’s redesign plans from moving forward); the rest is accurate.

The City unfortunately did not choose to go the transparent route and go back to Community Board 2 and Landmarks Preservation Commission with accurate information (as Judge Goodman stipulated). Instead, they appealed the decision and won (with a different judge) on appeal.

Community Board 2 ultimately rescinded their approval of the Parks Department’s redesign plans tho’ in a somewhat oblique manner.

“The Truth About Washington Square Park”
Produced by Progressive Source Communications and Matt Davis
Narration Written by Jonathan Greenberg
Narrated by Kaveri Marathe
Music by Ariel Zambenedetti
Video Footage © 2005-2006 Matt Davis
From the documentary “Square: Straightening Out Washington Square Park”