Walking Tour ! Washington Square Park — A guide to NYC’s Redesign of a Perfect Public Space — Saty September 20th

NYU Welcomes You to Their Park

NYU Welcomes You to Their Park

Don’t forget! Washington Square Park Blog hosts a Walking Tour of Washington Square Park this Saturday, September 20th, 1 p.m..

Learn what the redesign of this famous park (currently in progress) really means as well as some of the Park’s and neighborhood’s illustrious history. Come on out!

WALKING TOUR: WASHINGTON SQUARE PARK: PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE — A Guide to New York City’s Redesign of a Perfect Public Space * Saturday, September 20th, 1 p.m.

Meet Up at Washington Square Arch, Washington Square North @ Fifth Avenue ; $5 donation

Recommended! by Time Out NY: “In the 1950s, Jane Jacobs helped keep cars out of Washington Square. But a new redesign – which will entail dismantling the fountain, removing the chess tables and cutting down decades-old trees – puts the beloved green space in jeopardy all over again.” 7/24/08

Trains: A,B,C,D,E,F to West 4th Street/Washington Square

Raindate: Saturday, September 27th, 1 p.m.

Co-presented with the Washington Square Community Improvement District.

The Community Improvement District(CID) is a new concept. We want our communities to be empowered to make decisions that are best for the community as a whole, not just (as the Business Improvement Districts – BIDs – are oriented to do) for real estate and business interests. The goal is quality of life as opposed to quantity of business. We believe that without community, there is no democracy.

At Washington Square Park, the neighborhood BIDS, along with NYU, the Tisch Family (Tisch Fountain, anyone?), and Mayor Bloomberg have played a role in a redesign plan that is destroying the very heart of this renowned park.

Come find out more — and maybe something you can do!

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  1. Today’s Sunday NY Times “City” Section Letters to the Editor: “Face-off in Washington Square” « Washington Square Park

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