Here We Go… Bloomberg Bid for Third Term; Mayor Will Attempt to Overturn Term Limits

Mayor Bloomberg is expected to announce on Thursday his quest to overturn voted-in term limits in a bid for a third term, painting himself as indispensable to New York City. He gets away with so much, with no accountability or real criticism in the press or from other politicians, why not this?

Why not… ? because I think at last our CEO Mayor has overreached.

You’ve got to read the reader comments on the New York Times’ blog’s story. The Times can try to spin Mayor Bloomberg’s popularity any way they choose in article after article but when you get right down to it, most New Yorkers know the true deal with this Mayor and are extremely critical of him.

Fellow billionaire Ronald Lauder — who founded an organization called New Yorkers for Term Limits and took out newspaper ads a few weeks ago condemning any change in term limits — remarkably reversed course today. He now says he supports Bloomberg staying on as Mayor. Well, isn’t that convenient. Another great set of reader comments.

The New York Times larger story is here.

Contact Ronald Lauder and New Yorkers for Term Limits:

Their web site says: “Your feedback is important to us.”

Let Ronald Lauder know how you feel about this most blatant disregard of principle. With Lauder, a billionaire himself, Mayor Bloomberg clearly doesn’t have to buy him off but he can choose to reward him in other ways in their mutual circles. Only another wealthy man or organization could provide an obstacle to Mayor Bloomberg’s aims by, for example, taking out newspaper ads condemning his actions. With Lauder out of the way, who will do this? And if the New York daily newspapers all fall in line (it was reported recently that Bloomberg was meeting with their editorial boards about his third term quest), then … isn’t this just all so easy for CEO Bloomberg to pull this off?

Except … can the people be swayed? That will be the true test.

Contact New Yorkers for Term Limits via their Feedback form.

Parks Department Needs to Cut $6.5 million from Budget – The Solution: Modify Washington Square Park Redesign

The New York Times on September 23rd reported that amidst the $1.5 billion budget cuts that Mayor Bloomberg “ordered” is a $6.5 million cut from the Parks Department. The cuts begin NOW in the current fiscal year which began July 1st and cover a two year period.

(No matter that, days prior, Mayor Bloomberg and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, said ‘not to worry” insuring us that they had “prepared” in advance for this downward turn in the financial sector.)

I have the perfect solution for Parks Commissioner Benepe. It seems to me that the answer lies in curtailing many of the unpopular aspects of the Washington Square Park “redesign.”

Already deemed high (based on the extensive unnecessary tweaking of the Park) at the projected $13 million cost, the budget for the project is now somewhere around $25-$30 million.

Here is an easy fix to the Parks Department’s dilemma of where to cut costs. It is the perfect way for the Parks Department to avoid firing workers and evade the further neglect of the parks themselves ** while ** providing the optimal opportunity to save face with the millions of New Yorkers and Village residents who, as they’ve learned of the City’s plan to overhaul this historic public space, ask themselves – WHY?

Voila! Instant easy fix. Let’s begin preparing the memo.