Working Families Party Comes Out Against Bloomberg Plan to Overturn Term Limits … The Plot Thickens

The New York Times implied the other day that the fact that close associates of NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg gave money to the Working Families Party meant that perhaps he was gearing up to run on their ticket.

When asked what political party he would align himself with — upon the unveiling of his master plan to install himself for a third term — Bloomberg stated, “This is not about politics.”

Right. (It’s very much about the politics of the Mayor’s ego and believing he can operate outside the so-called rules.  Don’t ya think?)

Well, Working Families Party just came out against CEO Bloomberg’s plan to overturn voted-in term limits with a rally on City Hall Steps (by my estimation, this is about the third or fourth that has occurred there around this issue in a matter of days).

Good quote from Dan Cantor, head of WFP:

“This is not necessarily about where you stand on term limits or whether or not you think that Mike Bloomberg has been a good mayor. This about the rules of the game. And you don’t get to change them at the end of the fourth quarter just because your team wants to keep playing.”

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Apparently, The NY City Council will hold public hearings on the term limits matter on Thursday, October 16th and Friday, October 17th at City Hall.