Update from City Hall

11:30 a.m. — Well, the NY City Council Committee on Governmental Operations voted this morning 6-0 in favor of letting the term limit vote proceed, and so it will this afternoon. I wish I could tell you I thought any of the City Council members who voted for it said anything truly compelling. It sounded mostly self-serving.

Sewell Chan and Michael Barbaro continue their comprehensive and fine reporting on this issue at the New York Times site.

Two great (among many) reader comments:

Councilperson Felder ( who voted to extend term limits) stated: “Many have tried to make this issue about one man….” No, Mr. Felder, Mayor Bloomberg made this about one man. The vast majority of New Yorkers know this is about our democracy. and the arrogance and imprudences of the Council over riding the will of the people in two referendums for the benefit of that one man. – Madeline

These pro forma hearings only provide the appearance of a public debate at City Hall. In reality, the vote has already been fixed on the most important issue to emerge in our generation regarding the future of democracy in our city. Thank you Mayor Bloomberg! – Antonio G.

More to come!

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