Wednesday December 24th, Christmas Eve Festivities/Caroling, at the Arch 5 p.m.

Washington Sq Park Arch Tree

Washington Sq Park Arch Tree

So if you, like me, missed the tree being lit and the caroling earlier this month, you can come by the Washington Square Park Arch on Christmas Eve, December 24th, at 5 p.m. and join in on some holiday festivities (including caroling).

New York Daily Photo has a doctored photo of the tree and Arch bathed in white in a post from earlier this month. Brian Dubé who runs the site stopped by the tree lighting and here is an excerpt of some of his thoughts:

Historically I have been rather scroogish in my attitude towards Christmas, bristling at its overly commercial nature. But over time, I have softened, and realize that nothing is gained in being a curmudgeon. Why stand alone on principle and isolate yourself, while the rest of the world is busy singing around you? I am not saying that one should throw principle into the wind, but certainly looking for the good is not the worst life approach. So I see holidays as opportunities to celebrate – and there are so many ways and places to celebrate everything imaginable here, both religious and secular.

He writes that the Washington Square Park tree lighting is in its 82nd year and that “the ritual actually dates back earlier than the tree lighting in Rockefeller Center.”

The photo above was taken by J. Bary.

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