There is nothing wrong with the Parks Department economizing but…

Lights at Abingdon Square

Lights at Abingdon Square

Lights at Washington Square Park

Lights at Washington Square Park

Do these lights at Abingdon Square (W. 12th Street) and Washington Square look similar?

If so, it’s because they are!

Also note that the chain link fence in the background at Abingdon Square is the same as the one being installed in the interior spaces at Washington Square.

Both spaces were designed by Parks Department landscape designer George Vellonakis.

Abingdon Square also used to have a lot of open public space that has now been filled in by lawn. Do we notice a theme going on?

And, as a community member queried about the lamps, “Did the Parks Department get a discount at Restoration Hardware?” Perhaps so!  (Update: Corrected.  Not Home Depot as originally posted.)

Note: I can think of some other places the Parks Department could economize (even abandoning whole portions of their “plan”!) — in the $27 million (and rising) Washington Square Park budget … items that would make a lot of people happy and counter some of the resentment over their steamrolling of their plan — other than with important details like the lights and fencing.

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