Did you hear about this? Bloomberg handouts to Wall Street workers…

Vanishing New York has the story about CEO Mayor Bloomberg’s handouts to Wall Street “Financial Services and Information Technology ” workers:

[Bloomberg] is launching “a program along with the
Partnership for New York City aimed at helping out-of-work financial services workers recreate themselves. It includes a website, incubator space for startups, and $3 million to leverage a $10 million angel fund that will help new businesses get off the ground.” …

What about the countless small businessmen and women whose livelihoods were destroyed by Bloomberg’s urban renewal plans over the past 10 years? Those “non-professional” people who were running 2nd and 3rd-generation shops. They weren’t paying down million-dollar mortgages on luxury condos, ordering bottle service, and running up tabs at Bergdorf’s–they were supporting their families and paying the rent. Where was Bloomberg’s charity then?

Groundhog Chuck has developed into a New York City cult figure

VIVA CHUCK! Get your own t-shirts, mugs and buttons!

The Staten Island Advance story is worth checking out. The readers there were even more, um, biting than the Times’ readers as per my original post on the whole groundhog-bites-mayor-after-being-majorly-provoked story.

Thanks to Godless Liberal Homo blog for stopping by and letting us know!

Note: I would add that Chuck’s “handler” at the Staten Island Zoo is also partially responsible for not setting parameters for how the Groundhog Day event should go down.