Washington Square Park Redesigned Quadrant Set to Open In May?

Curbed reports that Washington Square Park’s Northwest Quadrant – which includes the Fountain Plaza, under construction for oh-so-long, after much aligning – will reopen the second week of May! Can it be? Seems possible.

(Oh, and if you feel like commenting over there, I don’t know who those people are but they just don’t get it. I still love Curbed! Just some pieces really bring out the worst tendencies in people.)

Update from Landmarks Preservation Commission Hearing Coming !

Check back for my report back from today’s Landmarks Preservation Commission Meeting (Part II) on Washington Square Park

Updated: I’m still working on my writing project and so the blog will be updated most likely bi-weekly until it’s done! Always Mondays. After that, it’s a bit random.  But please check back … there are things I hear about that just call out to be written up as blog entries.  Thus, they will appear here.