Electric Literature Soapbox Reading Series #2 Tuesday, October 20th at Washington Square Park 12 noon – 4 p.m.

Electric Literature:  The Soapbox Reading Series #2 @ Washington Square Park * Tuesday, October 20th

Electric Literature is a magazine featuring literary fiction based in Brooklyn.  Tuesday, October 20th is part 2 of their Soapbox Reading Series.  They invite you to come have your lunch in Washington Square Park… and enjoy a story.  Last Tuesday was the first of the two-part series and it was a very interesting event.  They hope to resume the series in Spring 2010.

Where:  Washington Square Park * “Holley Plaza” (West of the Fountain)
Who:  Stephen O’Connor with guests: Christie Hauser, Lauren Belski, & Wythe Marschall

From the release:

The Electric Literature Soapbox Reading Series is exactly what it sounds like: Writers will read their work atop a box in the middle of Washington Square Park.

Washington Square has a long and storied history of both arts and activism. The Soapbox readings will entertain and promote literary fiction by connecting authors directly with the public, while celebrating the diversity of the city and its cultural wealth.

Stephen O’Connor is the author of books including: Rescue (short fiction and poetry), Will My Name Be Shouted Out? (memoir and social criticism), and the forthcoming Here Comes Another Lesson(short fiction), as well as fiction and poetry (published in outlets such as The New Yorker, Poetry Magazine, Threepenny Review) and essays and journalism (which have appeared in The New York Times, The Nation, The Chicago Tribune).  He has won numerous prestigious awards for his writing and currently teaches fiction and nonfiction writing in the MFA programs of Columbia and Sarah Lawrence.

Next NYC Mayoral Debate Tuesday, Oct. 27th, 7 p.m.; Two Male Candidates, All Male Reporters will Conduct “Debate”

The next NYC Mayoral Debate will be held Tuesday, October 27th from 7- 8 p.m. between (candidate-with-multiple-paid-for-party-affiliations-but-declared-as) Independent Michael Bloomberg and Democratic Party Candidate William Thompson.  It will air on WABC-TV, 1010 WINS Radio, and at 7online.com.

All New York City election debates are presented by the Campaign Finance Board.  There are ONLY two debates between the candidates for Mayor of New York City. New Yorkers only get to hear from the more moderate candidates from the “major” parties, basically those with major corporate and political ties. There are actually seven other candidates running on other party lines and it would be far more interesting – and informative – if Reverend Billy Talen (Green Party) and the guy from the Rent is Too Damn High Party, among all the others, were included.

Last week’s debate was broadcast on NY1 and WNYC Radio.  The moderator was Dominic Carter from NY1 and the press panel asking questions of the two male candidates were all men.  I thought… it’s one debate. That certainly can’t happen for the other debate. Oh, how wrong I was. While diversity as far as race seems to have been given consideration, gender … not so muchThere’s not one woman included in this all male club.  Seems hard to imagine in New York City but, given the political (and cultural) climate, I shouldn’t be surprised.

Here’s the info for the next Mayoral debate:


REPORTER PANEL:  Dave Evans (WABCTV), Antonio Martinez (UNIVISION), Stan Brooks (1010 WINS)

Here is the general information as far as format:

Candidates will answer questions from reporters on the panel, pre-taped questions from voters and viewer emails.  http://www.7online.com also will be open during the debate to take live voter questions.  WABC web producer will screen those emails before adding them to the debate.  Questions will reflect the interests and concerns of a diverse voting population.

Response Time, Follow Up Questions, Rebuttal, Re-rebuttal:  Candidates will be allowed 60 seconds to answer each question, 30 seconds for rebuttal.  (Stage manager will hold up cards indicating 15 sec, 5 sec, and time up)   For production and timing purposes, the moderator may choose to break up longer rounds with questions requiring short answers.

Props, Notes:  Candidates may not use visual aids, charts, prepared notes, or electronic devices on the set.

Pads, Pen:  Candidates will be provided with a blank pad of paper and pen at their podiums for the purpose of making notes during the Debate.

Closing Statement:  Candidates may make a 60 second closing statement.

The debate will take place at:  WABC Studio, 7 Lincoln Square (149 Columbus Avenue), Manhattan.

Oh, and if you have anything you want to comment on to the Campaign Finance Board in advance (like, say, why there is not at least one woman reporter as a panelist), here is contact information:

NYC Campaign Finance Board:  email:  AKonstam-at-nyccfb.info; 40 Rector Street, 7th floor, NYC 10006; phone # 212/306-7100.

WABC here : eyewitness.news-at-abc.com  or WABC-TV, 7 Lincoln Square, NY, NY 10003; phone # 212/456-7000.