Last Day for Freddy’s Bar, in path of Atlantic Yards, Brooklyn

A really nice note from the manager of Freddy’s Bar in Brooklyn about their closing … “Freddy’s is not merely a building on a street corner, it is a grand idea. Freddy’s Bar has been the culmination of everything I am and everything I’ve ever wanted this bar to be.” Freddy’s was in the way of the Atlantic Yards project, in the “footprint,” and would have been claimed by “eminent domain abuse” if they hadn’t agreed to go (they felt “condemnation” would have been worse).

They are throwing “a Victory Party on Friday, April 30th – the last day/night they will be open – “to celebrate the little guys who’ve been fighting a land-grabbing billionaire and the corrupt New York government agencies that he greatly influences.” They expect to open in a new location, most likely near Union Street and 4th Avenue in Brooklyn.

Municipal Art Society Livable Neighborhoods Program Covers Aspects of Community Planning At Hunter College Saturday, May 8th

The Municipal Art Society is hosting a free all-day workshop, Livable Neighborhoods, on Saturday, May 8th for community members to learn all aspects of community planningeconomic development, community organizing, historic preservation, sustainability, zoning, and parks and open spaces!

When: Saturday, May 8th, from 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Hunter College (695 Park Ave., corner of 68th Street and Lexington)
Free (light lunch is served). For the agenda and to register, go here or contact ssherman[at] or call 212.935.3960 x 1259.

I didn’t agree with the MAS position on artist vendors in parks but the organization does a lot of good work and offers many great programs. The MAS position ignores the “congestion” of Union Square Green Market, Bryant Park holiday market / previous fashion shows, Chanel buying ad space in Central Park – it appears problematic to me to put the spotlight on the one thing that’s not commercialized as a problem leading to a lack of open space.