NYU Students: “Washington Square Park Really IS Our Quad” + How Much Property the University Owns Surrounding the Public Park

Purple = NYU owned

A juicy tidbit that almost got by — NYU Local reports muses:

It’s easy to forget just how much of the Washington Square Park neighborhood NYU actually owns. (WSP Blog ed. note: really??)

This is a great visualization of NYU’s core neighborhood. The purple areas are NYU owned, and most have been fully built upon.

The two blocks to the south are where NYU is looking to expand in the Village. You can read about their proposals (part of the 2031 plans) here.

Image via Local tipster.

To which a student responds: “As someone who’s tried to plan many events (some for student clubs, some for brands) in the park, I really hate how difficult it is to table in the park similar to how other students can on their campuses. I’m not saying we should be allowed to take over a city park, I’m saying the city should create separate, simple (free) permits to allow students to actually use it as a quad.”


Well, now that we’ve cleared that up.

Gee, all of the above is depressing.