Washington Square Park Redesign: Phase II — Progress & Cost Update

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Despite initial reports that a section of Washington Square Park Redesign: Phase II would open in December 2010 (I always doubted that), what is now Phase II – specifically the Northeast & Southeast Quadrants and no longer including the Mounds and large Dog Run on the southern side – will open Spring 2011. The original scheduled completion date was Fall 2010. (More on delays here.)

The corrected signs around the park reflect this and it has been confirmed by the city’s Parks Department. I’ve heard most likely April will be the formal unveiling. You might recall that Phase I had a “soft” opening in May 2009 and was open for a week and a half before a grand opening ceremony was held with the Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, former Council Member Alan Gerson, et al.

Final cost for Phase II?

According to the Parks Department, it is estimated that the cost for Phase II will come in completed at around $8 million. The middle phase of the park’s reconstruction has now been revised from the original design plans. Sections, including the large dog run and Mounds (I’m unclear if Chess area is included — will update Chess area still part of Phase II), have been reallocated into Phase III, likely to break ground in the Fall 2011, if not later.

A little recap of finances related to the Park’s project:

Phase I NW Quadrant + Fountain Plaza (cost): $16 million
Phase II NE & SE Quadrants + Chess Area (estimate): $8 million

Phase I & II = $24 million at least (estimated)

Phase III cost : unknown

What we do know is that Phase III’s forthcoming “pergola” — which will house the long awaited upgraded restrooms and Park administrative offices — will, according to a report in the New York Post, cost about $4 million.

Still incomplete, we’re at $28 million.

The entire controversial project, Washington Square Park redesigned Phases I, II and III, was initially budgeted for – and given the green light at – $16 million. Once completed, we’re now looking at Phases I, II and III reaching $30-$35 million & likely higher.


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