What is going on with the Washington Square Park Fountain?

Yesterday, Fountain Off

What’s going on with the Fountain? Erratic hours, turning off at 7 p.m. (it’s supposed to stay on ’til 11); sometimes not on at 11 a.m. in the morning lately. Yesterday, a reader reports it was not on AT ALL as of 1 p.m. and then again at 5 so off all day?

Is this another effect of Parks Department budget problems or the overblown redesign? Pick one. While the department spends $35 MILLION on Washington Square Park Phases I, II and III, it appears either the agency had bad construction work done or can’t maintain consistent hours. The fountain has been a part of the park experience for years.

4 weeks ago

The Washington Square Park fountain went under construction during Phase I of Washington Square Park’s redesign. Under the Bloomberg Administration’s directive, it was moved 23 feet east to align with the Arch and was reconstructed from scratch; unveiled to the public in 2009. It recently went under repair on May 16th for about 2 weeks before it reopened to the public in time for the Eastern side of the Park’s opening (Phase II-A) on June 2nd.

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