Neighborhood’s Newest Red-Tailed Hawk Pip Leaves the Nest! Meanwhile…

Pip on Scaffolding at Building Along Washington Square East

Newest neighborhood red-tailed hawk, Pip, fledged (left the nest) last week! I’m a bit behind reporting on the news but it happened on Thursday, June 23rd. According to the hawk blogs, he has not yet made his way into the park itself. He is mostly perching on buildings along the perimeter. Parents Violet and Bobby are still watching out for him, I’m happy to report. (Some of the blogs made it sound like he’d be on his own within days!)

Previous WSP Blog coverage of Violet, Bobby and Pip here.

Meanwhile, why are some wildlife appreciated and others used as scapegoats by city and federal agencies?

Photo: Roger Paw

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  1. Hello, Roger_Paw here. Thanks for providing links to my posts and photos and blog but please ask me for permission before uploading my photos and/or videos in your future posts. I only ask in this case since your site receives financial support. Thanks!

  2. Hi Roger_Paw!

    Thanks for stopping by. Love your blog. I do understand the world of non-paid blogging since I have been operating in that realm for the last 3 years. My site does not “receive financial support.” Perhaps you mean my note on the side bar? Nonetheless, I will certainly write to you before using any of your photos and /or videos – which are all great.

    WSP Blog

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