Two Old School Diners in the Nabe – Waverly Diner Reopens, Washington Square Diner Maintains

After reading a bunch of reviews and notices yesterday about the Waverly Diner reopening, I remembered this photo I took one early morning of nearby Washington Square Diner. It is a welcoming neighborly presence on West 4th Street. Its Yelp reviews are mixed while Menu Pages more positive. A homey spot; always available to dart into as it’s open 24 hours.
Address: 150 West 4th Street (off Sixth Avenue), #212/533-9306

The Village Voice checks out the reopened Waverly Diner. It had closed for a few months to expand into the former liquor store space next door and opened its doors Wednesday morning. (The liquor store, Waverly Wines & Spirits, moved across the street on Sixth Avenue.) Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York has been covering the closed storefront over the months, wondering what would happen once it reappeared. The reviews are positive thus far for the remodeled space – upgraded and expanded while retaining its old school decor and charm. (They like the food too!)
Address: 685 Sixth Avenue at Waverly Place #212/675-3181

Top Photo: Cathryn
Bottom Photo: Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York