Washington Square Park Swing Dancing by The Arch

Yesterday (Sunday) so much going on amidst the backdrop of a gorgeous day. Red-tailed hawk Bobby was at his usual perch atop the Judson Church cross, there was music in every part of the park, and there was even a man playing tennis against the Arch! (Not sure that’s what they intended it for.)

Perfect weather for the announcement that the city officially lifted the banning and ticketing of performers at the park as first reported here Thursday.

I caught these swing dancers against the backdrop of the Arch. (It’s a little funky in parts. I was experimenting with the video on the camera.) I think you get the vibe. This was on the Plaza between the Fountain and the Arch. Of course, the Arch always looks great!

Oops … this is a truncated version. Check back in a few for the full thing! Flickr only allows a certain length video. Maybe this is just enough… tho’ I liked the notable applause at the end.

To find out more about swing dancing in New York City, visit This Week in Swing NYC!