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Report back from Monday Night’s Community Board 2 Meeting Coming…

Community Board 2’s “Washington Square Speak Out” meeting Monday night at the Kimmel Center across from the Park was well attended and bustling with good energy. This meeting addressed the performance crackdown going down lately at the Park. Blog post covering this coming … soon!

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Part II on Status of Park, Problems, Delays & Reasons Why… Next

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More on Folk Festival Coming…

I spoke with Eli Smith yesterday who was hired by the NYC Parks Department to organize the two day Washington Square Park Folk Festival (begins tomorrow, Saturday, September 17th). Look for an update on this first thing tomorrow morning. Delayed —

Oops! Some personal things prohibited posting this follow-up piece. Look for it tomorrow, Sunday, before Day 2 of the Washington Square Park Folk Festival

Signs: NW Quadrant of the Park

New addition to the signage (white flyer). Has anyone else noticed that many of those standard Washington Square Park signs (pictured at left) that used to be at each entrance to the Park are no longer there and have not been replaced?

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Trees Part II Coming

So, the three dead trees around the Washington Square Fountain I reported about on Monday (Part I) were removed yesterday. That’s a good thing!  Part II on these newly planted trees which have repeatedly been dying is a bit delayed and coming tomorrow Friday.