On Mike Bloomberg: Term Limits Apparently Off Limits Topic At Mayoral Press Conferences

See today’s New York Times article, In a Term Limits Question, Bloomberg Sees ‘Disgrace,'” with video at the link of yesterday’s press conference. It’s all over the New York press – Daily News, NY1, etc. The Mayor’s a bit testy, eh?

From the Times’ article:

To the growing list of questions that Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg does not want to be asked, you can add one more.

At a press conference in Queens on Thursday, Mr. Bloomberg was asked if an economic turnaround would undermine his initial reasoning for rewriting the city’s term limits law and seeking a third term, which was that a city in financial turmoil needed his steady hand and business background.

Mr. Bloomberg interrupted the question, from the New York Observer reporter Azi Paybarah, having deemed it unworthy of his time, and even called the reporter “a disgrace.”

What are the other questions that are off-limits on the “growing list”?