Japanese singer-songwriter Kana Uemura busks at WSP

Kana Uemura

You don’t see many women performing at the park as I’ve noted. There’s the “Opera (gals) under the Arch” and then one time I came across Ingrid Vollset but it tends to be mostly men. So it was a pleasant surprise to happen upon Kana Uemura last week as she was performing between the fountain and Holley statue. Ms. Uemura is a Japanese singer-songwriter who had a hit in Japan in 2010 and was inspired initially to sing by Julie Andrews’ performance in “The Sound of Music” (this is according to her Wikipedia page). Although everything she sang was in Japanese, she was an engaging singer and a pleasure to watch and certainly gained fans with her performance. I wasn’t there long enough to know if she broke into “My Favorite Things.” (Although she has a CD with that title, the song does not appear on it.)

Friday Night, Near Garibaldi …

Ingrid Vollset

Two days after I wrote wondering where all the female singers at the park are, you rarely see any — other than the Opera Gals Under the Arch —  one appeared!

Ingrid Vollset – a non-NYU student – was singing a song called “Wavelength” in the slightly empty, dark park Friday night near Garibaldi Plaza. One of the lines of the song stood out to me “You know you’re blind so when you dream what do you see?” (Okay, I may not have that entirely correct but pretty close.) She had a lot of energy performing there with her guitar.

Ingrid said she’d performed at WSP before but not in the last couple months.

It would be great to have more female performers in the park. (So they can be ticketed too?)

p.s. Why is there no light by Garibaldi statue, I’ve been wondering?