Blue Sky As Backdrop to the Arch

This afternoon, brilliant sky, fabulous Arch.
(Two Fifth Avenue in the background ruins the shot a bit but I think you get the idea just how blue the sky is!)

Photo: Cathryn

Skateboarding at WSP (Photos); With Garibaldi

Okay, technically, there is “no” skateboarding at Washington Square but, as you see, this sign has been, uh, altered a bit. Love this shot by Gathigi.

Then again, if you’ve never witnessed skateboarders using the Garibaldi statue as a ramp — something I’m sure the Parks Department did not have in mind when they moved the statue! — it’s something to see.

Photos (from early September)…

Building up speed from the east...


Top Photo: Gathigi
Photo #2 & #3: Cathryn

The Arch in the Rain


Photo: Cathryn.

Washington Square Park: Aerial View Looking North

This shot was taken from NYU’s Kimmel Center, across the street from the park on Washington Square South.

Photo: Bancha Srikacha via Flickr

Seen By the Fountain

Last Week — This little girl is contemplating giving some money (in her hand) to a band (not seen; to the right of the frame) who were playing by the Fountain. She tentatively walked over and ultimately dropped it in their guitar case, laid out upon the Plaza. At first, the dollar blew a foot away. Her mom watched anxiously. She persevered, picked it up and tried again, dropping it in successfully. Mom clapped. She ran back, elated at her accomplishment. It was very sweet.

The fountain will be turned on soon – likely one day this week! I’m guessing Tuesday although the weather is forecast for rain so they may hold off. Any bets? I’m revising this. If the week is like today, probably not! Okay, well, it would have been turned on, if it wasn’t under construction!

Arch & the Fountain Plaza At Dusk

Seen On The Fountain Plaza

Sand Painting

Late February. Pretty amazing…

Photo: Riomaro

Scene at Washington Square Yesterday

Scene at Washington Square yesterday, empty at that moment, except for a lone guy walking around the Fountain and I Love LA mug left behind.
(Yes, technically on a blog break ’til 2/25 but look for some other posts forthcoming.)

Saturday Early Evening at the Park: A View Through the Arch

Saturday Early Evening at the Park; A View through the Arch

A view through the Arch: the Empire State Building in red, white & yellow. And a guy in blue. November 6, 2010.

Photo: Cathryn.

Washington Square Park Fountain in August at Dusk

Photo: Cat