Scene at Washington Square Yesterday

Scene at Washington Square yesterday, empty at that moment, except for a lone guy walking around the Fountain and I Love LA mug left behind.
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Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park Upon the New Year

A really nice shot by Walking off the Big Apple on Flickr.

Winter at Washington Square Park

Last Winter at the Park

For More Information on Phase II construction, go here. (Note, as of 1/29: I updated this to include more information.)

Photo: Juggler 314

Washington Square Park in Last Night’s SnowStorm

Saturday Night 12/19, The Scene at the Washington Square Arch

Thank you to Geoffrey Croft from NYC Park Advocates for sending this in!

Photo: Geoffrey Croft/NYC Park Advocates

The first photo entry into the Washington Sq Park Blog Flickr Pool! Yes, I know, we’re all ready for spring…

The famous Washington Sq Park chess tables covered in Snow '08

The famous Washington Sq Park chess tables covered in Snow

Okay, yes, I think we’re all ready for shots of the Park bustling with signs of springflowers, people, the Fountain ON, people frolicking IN the Fountain (and, of course, the redesigned Fountain area is not open – yet), performers, dogs, squirrels, birds, eccentricities… – that’s coming.

But a thank you to Juggler314 for posting the first entry into the Washington Square Park Flickr Photo Pool … This great shot of the Park’s chess tables covered in pure white snow (’08). Read more about the new WSP Blog Flickr Pool option here. Submit your photos and tell your friends!

Photo: Juggler314

Washington Square Park, Yesterday

Garibaldi in the Snow

Garibaldi in the Snow

WSP Snow People

WSP Snow People

The Arch, Fifth Avenue

The Arch, Fifth Avenue

These were taken with a cell phone camera so they are a bit, um, grainy, but you get the idea!

Washington Square Park in the Snow

The Magical Park (2006)

The Magical Park (2006)

.To see video of Washington Square Park in all its “Winter Wonderland” glory, click here.