Blue Sky As Backdrop to the Arch

This afternoon, brilliant sky, fabulous Arch.
(Two Fifth Avenue in the background ruins the shot a bit but I think you get the idea just how blue the sky is!)

Photo: Cathryn

Spring 2012, WSP

Photos: Cathryn

Park’s Cherry Blossoms In Full Bloom

Cherry Blossom Tree Behind the Arch

Cherry Blossoms and Daffodils In Bloom

Told In Pictures: Phase II Construction Update and Spring at the Park

NYPD Watches Over NW Plaza

Squirrel takes Lunch Break behind Fence

Flowers Bloom

Eastern Side Construction Almost Complete

Private Tour Takes Place of Not Yet Opened Eastern End

[See previous WSP Blog post when this blogger encountered designer George Vellonakis giving another private tour in 2008 during Phase I.]

Petanque Court in Trouble? Sloped?

Commenter Seth thinks the petanque court is improperly designed.

Looking Southwest: Still quite a bit of work to do

Chess Plaza (Projected Completion: Early June. Really?)

Curb At SW Border Awfully Close to Tree's Roots

Daffodils Hanging On Amidst Construction SW Plaza

This Phase 2 Update bumped Parks Update Part 4 ’til Monday Tuesday Wednesday or Thursday!

Tulips on Hudson Street

West Village, Outside Bleecker Playground (subject of an upcoming post!).

Spring at Washington Square Park 2010


Photo: Cathryn.

Spring arrives at Washington Square Park!

Today at the Park.

Photo: Cat