This is an image for Why did New York City approve a massacre of 400 geese in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park?.

Geese Swimming in Prospect Park Lake Once Upon A Time

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  1. carol

     /  July 19, 2010

    In my opinion,it reminds me of the same kind of practice run that took place in the holocaust during Hitler’s rein. I guess the United States government is just testing their efficiency in mass extermination. Much like what is happening down in the Gulf states. Look how many people there are going to get sick and die as a result of the Corexit and Benzine , which emit toxic gasses. They slaughtered the fish and fowl down there with great expediency. I guess they have to practice on the wildlife first and destroy our water supply, and other natural resources, similar to what they have done in Iraq and the pilfering of minerals that is happening in Afghanistan.

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