Site to go Under Some Maintenance Next Few Days

Hopefully back early next week! Thanks for checking in.


New Posts Coming…

Taking a few days off… Thanks for checking in!

New Posts Coming …

Sorry for the limited posting this week. Got thrown off course by some computer troubles (and a new project). To be resolved shortly.

Always things to report… Thanks for stopping by. More to come … soon!


Lots to report…

Hi Blog Readers,

I was in San Francisco for a little over a week — which has its own Washington Square (I did not get to visit it tho’!) and public space/park issues — so blog posting was a bit sporadic. But I’m back in NYC and there’s lots to report. Check back in a short while…



Maybe tomorrow… Update: New Site Debut TBA; New posts to resume

7/13 — So finding the right WordPress theme and getting the older posts to configure properly = A lot of work. Whereas this blog in the beginning seemed to just create itself, the redesign (of the blog this time, not the park!) is a tad more complicated. Plus I have a  clear ‘vision’ of how I want it to be. So! I took a two week break and new posts will resume and then one day the new site will magically appear.

7/10 — for debut of new site? I admit this has proved daunting getting the new site up especially because there are already 800+ close to 900 posts in the archive so it’s not like starting from scratch. I think the site will be easier to navigate and ‘pop’ a bit more. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer! This is true dedication, folks! Okay, hopefully, the next post will be on the new site.



Some changes coming…

to the site. Check back!

7/3 – Hi. Apologies for no new posts. I’ve been working on upgrading the site and it’s been a lot of work. Without going into details, I’d prefer to post new posts on the updated site — IF I can get it finished! A few other things are also competing for my attention. Hopefully, it will be soon. Or else, I’ll start posting again. Thanks for stopping by! Stop by again.


Hey Blog Readers…

I slowed down posting a bit lately while working on a few projects with intense deadlines. So this week you will likely see a flurry of posts coming. Thanks for checking in and stopping by!


Just because… Bob Dylan with Cats

Here and there, now and again, I’ve written about Bob Dylan and his relationship to WSP. And I’ve certainly written about cats (that need help), including black and white cats, also how things could be better in NYC for (cast aside) cats.

However, separate from all that, for your enjoyment — mainly because this is such a great shot — here is Bob Dylan with cats!

This photo comes via music site, Reviler.

New Posts Return Wednesday, February 8th

Hi Blog Readers,

Took a little break, be back soon! Thanks for stopping by. Lots in the archives!


Topics of Blog Coverage Question for Readers

What topics do you like to read about here?

Are there things you are more interested in than others?

I’m giving some reflection on the future direction of the site and am curious.

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