From the In Box: “It’s ‘Official’: WSP belongs to NYU”

This screen shot was attached to an email WSP Blog received with NYU located smack in the midst of Washington Square Park!

Of course, we pretty much know NYU considers Washington Square Park their property. Despite how uninvolved they attempt to appear with the park’s tumultuous redesign plan and the fact that they gave a meager $1 million towards the plan, the ties remain. NYU President John Sexton was pret-ty quick to head over to City Hall to defend Mike Bloomberg and advocate for his third term (even if his testimony was beyond perplexing). Of course he was! Mayor Mike’s been quite good to NYU as they gobble up neighborhoods east and west! As far as the University is concerned, Washington Square Park is part of their campus (note use of WSP Arch in almost all their advertising – even if it’s just a sliver, it’s there!). Even so, this is a bit much.

What do you think? A bit curious, eh?

Washington Square Park Fountain in August at Dusk

Photo: Cat

Protests Against NYC’s Mass Killing of Canada Geese in Public Parks; Support Grows Across the U.S. to Let Geese Live

Protesters Flock to Bloomberg's East Side Townhouse

A Walk in the Park Blog reports on Monday evening’s (August 9th) protest in front of Mayor Bloomberg’s townhouse condemning the Mayor’s support for killing up to 2000 resident Canada Geese in NYC public parks and spaces over the last two years.

The recent incident that raised people’s ire – and awareness – was the gassing of close to 400 Canada Geese which called Brooklyn’s Prospect Park home on Thursday, July 8th in the middle of the night. This was carried out with no public notice, no discussion, no transparency.

At Monday’s action, protesters were only allowed across the street from the Mayor’s East 79th Street townhouse. He was inside at the time with guests but left at one point directly encountering activists.

While our Mayor cites “air safety,” this is a ruse. Killing these resident geese will not make air travel safer. The birds that collided with the famous Flight 1549 which safely landed in the Hudson were migratory geese. Even so, are we supposed to kill every bird in the sky? We can keep birds away from the pathways directly near the airports through habitat modification; we can also track migratory patterns and track birds via radar.

We need to remember that we need to adapt to the birds; they do not have to adapt to us. Canada Geese deserve to live on this earth. We can’t keep making them move from place to place. They lived quite well and in harmony with people and other species at Prospect and other parks. It is readily forgotten that these birds are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. As their numbers have increased; unfortunately, so has our appreciation for them.

On Thursday, August 12th at 12 noon, there will be a protest/rally at New York City Hall in support of the geese and against killing.

Recent CNN piece on support for Canada Geese.

Photo: Geoffrey Croft / NYC Park Advocates


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It’s all about the Washingtons Today 6 p.m. Under the Arch – Meet MTV’s Next Possible “Twitter Jock” and Help Keep Arts in NYC Schools !

It’ll be all about the Washingtons today when MTV holds an event with one of the finalists for their next Twitter Jock at Washington Square Park today! It’s down to three and one of them will be under the Arch at 6 p.m. today asking for “Washingtons” (dollar bills). All money contributed goes towards the Center for Arts Education. With schools under Mayor Bloomberg needing all the help they can get, CAE’s mission to ensure that “quality arts education [is] an essential part of every child’s K-12 education in the New York City public schools” becomes that much more important.

Swing by and hand him a dollar from 6-7 p.m. today!

Learn more about The Center for Arts Education in NYC here.

The finalist you’ll meet is Jose M Iniguez. Check out his Tumblr.