It’s all about the Washingtons Today 6 p.m. Under the Arch – Meet MTV’s Next Possible “Twitter Jock” and Help Keep Arts in NYC Schools !

It’ll be all about the Washingtons today when MTV holds an event with one of the finalists for their next Twitter Jock at Washington Square Park today! It’s down to three and one of them will be under the Arch at 6 p.m. today asking for “Washingtons” (dollar bills). All money contributed goes towards the Center for Arts Education. With schools under Mayor Bloomberg needing all the help they can get, CAE’s mission to ensure that “quality arts education [is] an essential part of every child’s K-12 education in the New York City public schools” becomes that much more important.

Swing by and hand him a dollar from 6-7 p.m. today!

Learn more about The Center for Arts Education in NYC here.

The finalist you’ll meet is Jose M Iniguez. Check out his Tumblr.

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